15 AND 30 YR FIXEDWhen you are looking for a home loan, there are many types of loan options. One of the safest home loans is the 30yr Fixed mortgage. When interest rates rise, or the economy crashes, your home loan will have the same monthly payments for the life of your loan. You won’t have to worry about rising inflation, or changing interest rates.

Highlights of Valley View Home Loans Conforming 30 Year Fixed Rate

    • Security – Your payments will never change. Your payments will not go up when interest rates move.
    • Lower monthly payments VS. shorter term loan, means you can rely on a lower overall payment, but also you have the option to pay more each month or year to your principal.
    • No Prepayment Penalties – Pay as much principal as you like, or payoff your home loan at anytime without penalty.
    • Budget – Your Valley View Home Loan will be consistent, with level payments that your family can set and maintain a monthly budget.

Home Loans are the biggest financial investment for most Americans. Valley View Home Loans licensed mortgage originators can take the stress and pressure of the loan process, off your shoulders. We have streamlined our production and processing to minimize paperwork and fund your loan on time without last minute surprises. Click Apply Now to see how low your payment can be, or take a look at our 15yr LoansJumbo LoansFHA LoansUnderwater LoansAdjustable Rate Loans and Interest Only Loans.