FHA STREAMLINEFHA Streamline refinance loans are a simple way to reduce your monthly payment on your existing FHA home loan. To qualify for a FHA streamline, you must be currently on a FHA loan, and have employment that can be verified at closing. No income is needed, no assets are needed, and no appraisals are required. Ask us how we can pay for all your closing costs.

Highlights of Valley View Home Loans FHA Streamline Refinance Loans

    • Since no appraisal is required, your home may be underwater. We allow up to 125% of the original appraised value of your home, to be used on the new refinance. (Original value would be the last FHA loan you received and the appraisal value that was logged into FHA at closing)
    • No Income, assets or appraisal required
    • You can refinance any Owner Occupied Home from 1-4 units, including condo’s that you already have an FHA loan against
    • Terms can be 15 or 30 years with fixed payments for the life of the loan
    • Minimal paperwork, and smooth process to fund
    • Fico scores accepted as low as 620
    • Condo’s do not need to be HUD approved

Home Loans are the biggest financial investment for most Americans. Valley View Home Loans licensed mortgage originators can take the stress and pressure of the loan process, off your shoulders. We have streamlined our production and processing to minimize paperwork and fund your loan on time without last minute surprises. Click Apply Now to see how low your payment can be, or take a look at our 30yr Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA Loans, Underwater Loans, Adjustable Rate Loans and Interest Only Loans.